What we treat

Our holistic approach to therapy means that we can help you with the following problems

Musculoskeletal disorders

– Thoracic spine disorders
– Pain in elbow joints
– Numbness in limbs
– Pain in fingers
– Foot ailments
– Wrist ailments
– Disorders in hip joints and pelvis
– Knee problems
– Headaches

– Neck disorders
– Pain in thighs
– Back problems in general
– Pains in the shins
– Painful toes
– Dizziness
– Shoulder disorders
– Disorders of the ankle joint
– Painful calves

Diagnoses in orthodox medicine

– Osteoarthritis
– Atlas therapy
– Carpal tunnel syndrome (primary stage )
– Heel spur
– Sliding vertebra
– Golfer elbow

– Hallux Valgus
– Impingement syndrome
– Lumboischialgia
– Spinal stenosis
– Tennis elbow

Alternative medicine in general

Heike Mayer has a very sound over-all  knowledge of orthodox medicine, which enables her at least to give a professional diagnosis and if necessary allows her to refer  competently  to any suitable specialist.

Many problems arise in places where an amateur would not think to look.  For this reason it is our principle to check and treat the whole body.