Our flat-rate for treatments

  • First treatment
    50 €
  • Each additional treatment
    45 €
  • Flat-rate treatment for child
    20 €
    (under 16)
  • Price of Belly Turtle (one-off)
    60 €
    Since shortened abdominal muscles are diagnosed in 95% of all patients, you should calculate this in your costs.

We kindly ask those who cannot accept our recommendations and in doing so refuse to co-operate with us, to refrain from arranging an appointment with us.

Please note: Cancellations must be made 24 hours before your appointment. We regret that we must ask you to pay the whole fee for each cancellation that is not made early enough.

Unfortunately the number of treatments depends on a lot of different factors, which means that we cannot determine this before we have read your medical history and carried out a preliminary diagnosis. The number of treatments can be reduced significantly if the ‘Belly Turtle’ is used regularly.

The Belly Turtle was developed by us and is a gentle way of stretching your abdominal muscles. It is a fundamental part of our treatment – especially for your self-treatment at home. More information is available here.